Presentations by IERG members at IUFRO Division 5 in Vancouver

On June 15, 2017, Krishna Malladi and Shaghaygh Akhtari presented at the IUFRO Division 5 conference in Vancouver ( in the “Decision Support Tools and Models” session chaired by Dr. Taraneh Sowlati.

Dr. Taraneh Sowlati is recognized as the most productive researcher in the forest biomass supply chain area

In a recent publication by Mirkouei et al. (2017), Dr. Taraneh Sowlati is recognized as the most productive scholar with the most published papers in the field of forest biomass supply chain. Mirkouei, A., Haapala, K.R., Sessions, J., Murthy, G.S. 2017. A review and future directions in techno-economic modeling and optimization of upstream forest biomass […]

Post-doctoral fellowship available at IERG

IERG seeks a candidate with a strong background in mathematical programming and other operations research methods, and a great interest in applying those methods in forest-based biomass supply chain management. The candidate has to have a Ph.D. degree in operations research, industrial engineering, or other related fields and a good knowledge of computer programming and […]

Congratulations to Shaghaygh Akhtari for receiving two scholarships!

Shaghaygh received Lumber Inspectors’ Benevolent Society Scholarship and Mary and David Macaree Fellowship in Sept. 2016.

Congratulation to Krishna Malladi for receiving a fellowship!

Krishna received VanDusen Graduate Fellowship in Forestry in Sept. 2016.

Welcome to Evelyn Gao our new member!

Evelyn Gao started her Master’s program in Sept. 2016.

Congratulations to Claudia Cambero for her successful Ph.D. defense!
IERG at the 2016 CORS Conference in Banff

IERG at the 2016 CORS Conference in Banff

                                IERG members (from left to right) Shaghayegh Ahktari, Krishna Teja Malladi, Professor Taraneh Sowlati, and Luke Opacic each presented their work at the conference this year.

Congratulations to Diana Siller for the successful completion of her Master’s!